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TurboERP/Ultimate provides functions exceed the need of manufacturing which is user-friendly and simpler compares 

similar products in the market. Our company has foreseen the need for the modern enterprise and designed the product 

to satisfy not only the small to medium size company, but also the multi-national corporation. TurboERP/Ultimate can 

also fulfill the demands of basic management functions for traditional manufacturing companies. Furthermore, our 

program is a comprehensive tailor-made system for modern manufacturing industry.

Turbo has an experience of software development and application for more than 18 years. We will first understand the 

situation and design the proposal followed by the individual ERP training, consultation of data entry and counseling 

analysis for every department. Whole-day on-site training for data entry will be provided upon request. Finally 

examination will be held to test for the application proficiency in order to arise the productivity as soon as possible. 

Furthermore, we can assist the computer department to maintain the ERP system through the simple import procedure to decrease the production cost effectively.



01. Situation Understanding 

02. Rate of Progress & Coordination

System Installation

03. Hardware Lining Construction 

04. Hardware/Software Install Testing


05. Training for All Departments/Modules 

06. Discussion on Coding & Basic Data Collection and Arrangement

Procedure Framing

07. Operation Program Computerizing 

08. System Modification 

09. System Operation Training 

10. File Development 

11. Imitative Traning

Formal Inputing

12. Collation & Input of every A/C Balance 

13. Input of All Variables

Judgement & Conclusion

14. Follow-up Discussion & Modification 

15. Closing Report